Check out the sweet new teal-colored Faces of Death tee. They feature a collection of recently dead celebrities ranging from cultural icons (Dick Clark, Phyllis Diller, Neil Armstrong, Mike Wallace) to screen legends (Ernest Borgnine, Sherman Helmsley, Andy Griffith, Ben Gazzara) to an inordinate number of musical greats (Whitney Houston, Etta James, Adam Yauch, Donna Summer, Levon Helm). Each drawing was rendered by one of my wonderfully talented and humorous friends, in styles ranging from painterly to primitive. The Faces of Death idea was originally realized in 1997 in a music 'zine my pals and I did called, Gank, and continued in 2002 on a t-shirt printed in my kitchen. 2009 was a banner year for celebrity deaths and demanded the reanimation of the franchise. 2012 is a tribute to some great lives lived. Special thanks to Justin at Crown Prints. Let's hope we can keep it going.

FOD 2012 artsts: Matt Z, Pete Shore, Billy Bouchard, Ryan Junell, Jada West, Tanya Newton-John, Jeff Burandt, Kelly Dunn, Mike Hambouz, Nicole Belanger, Heather Neeld, CJ, Thaddeus Pawlowski, Don Stahl, Kristen Williams, Elizabeth Bethea, Jody Kivort, Claire Cowie, Catherine Alexander, Sophia Douris, Anis Crofts, Alison Walsh, Annie Leidermen, Jolie Mayers, Amy G, Elle King, Dan Murphy, Meghan Lorenz, Kate Bryant, Monty Wilson, Khaya Lou, Eliza Starbuck, Leah Cary, Paul Conrad, Hope Gangloff, Leslie Siu, Christie Young, John Mathias, Lina Hellden, Mike Reddy, Nathan Gelgud, Momo

FOD 2011 artsts: Matt Z, My Dad, Sally Paul, Amy Guinta, Pete Shore, Billy Bouchard, Nick Wilton, Jess Fuller, Jody Kivort, Matt Lucas, Ryan Junell, Catherine Alexander, Christian Gordy, Sean Qualls, Jada West, Tanya Newton-John, Derick Holt, Jeremiah Stewart, Eleanor Friedberger, Paul Conrad, Hope Gangloff, Leslie Siu, Christie Young, Jonathan Gould, Melissa Brown, John Mathias, Lina Hellden, Mike Reddy, Nathan Gelgud, Momo

FOD 2010 artsts: Patrick Delaney, Jeremiah Stewart, Eleanor Friedberger, Donald Stahl, Aine Vonnegut, Paul Conrad, Hope Gangloff, Jolie Mayers, Derick Holt, Eva Struble, Neil Merideth, Caroline lee, Leslie Siu, Hugh Hayden, Matt Z, Anis Crofts, Jason Wyatt Frederick, Christie Young, Kelly Dunn, Songe Riddle, Gretta Johnson, Camille Boyd, Erosie, Katrina Vonnegut, Jonathan Gould, Katy Porte, Melissa Brown, John Mathias, Lina Hellde'n, Justin Tesa, Mike Reddy, Nathan Gelgud, Momo

FOD 2009 artsts: Hope Gangloff, Paul Conrad, Anis Crofts, Michael Williams, Jeremiah Stewart, Derick Holt, Harrison Marshall, Momo, Neil Meredith, Nathan Gelgud, John Mathias, Chris Barron, My Dad, Jason Wyatt Frederick, Mike Reddy, Jonathan Gould, Me, Benjamin Marra, Kim Reinhardt, Caroline Lee, Kirsty Gould and Lina Hellden 













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